Bhavesh Gujrathi

Founder & Technical Analyst

Bhavesh is a shrewd trader with over a decade of experience. He began trading whilst studying for his Bachelor degree in IT Engineering. After the completion of his degree, he bootstrapped and founded JSK Financials in the year 2012 to help, guide and mentor the young investor & a trader who seeks to learn and grow with the stock market. His expertise in designing and developing a technical strategy which works in all kind of market. He is a day trader and actively trading the Indian and US market. Besides the trading world, he loves traveling, gaming and reading.

Abhishek Gujrati

Managing Partner

We are proud to help and support our clients, and Abhishek is responsible for this with his never-ending energy flow. He has 12-years experience of the capital market. He is well known for his innovative mind and leadership skills. He is managing the sales department of the company. He believes in the idea of business development through an attitude of helping the clients. He likes music, bike riding and making a collection of gadgets.